Ethanol Ablation: Thyroid Cancer Alcohol Injections – Miami, FL

Alcohol Injections for Thyroid Cysts/Percutaneous Aspiration & Ethanol Injection (PEI)

Dr. Andrade is one of the few physicians nationwide performing the ethanol ablation procedure, having completed hundreds of PEIs over two decades with an impressive success record—none of Dr. Andrade’s patients have experienced significant post-treatment complications. Contact us today about thyroid cancer alcohol injections in Miami, FL.

Cystic lesions (simple cysts or partially cystic thyroids) account for approximately 10-20% of thyroid nodules, many of which result in cosmetic complaints or local discomfort—simply aspirating a thyroid cyst results in a 70% recurrence rate. In contrast, aspiration followed by PEI results in a 70% success rate when curing or significantly shrinking the cyst (>50% reduction).

Cyst aspiration followed by PEI is the leading option in Europe and most Asian countries. However, most symptomatic cysts are treated with surgery here in the United States.

Alcohol Injections of Recurrent Thyroid Cancer in Neck Lymph Nodes

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (DTC) is the most common thyroid cancer subtype and typically features a favorable prognosis. That being said, postoperative recurrence happens in 20-60% of cases.

Employing ethanol injections to locally recurrent thyroid cancer results in a successful disappearance or reduction rate of approximately 80%. Using ethanol ablation on recurrent tumors is an ideal thyroid cancer treatment when the tumor is localized and present in a small number of nodes. Dr. Andrade recommends one to three sessions as an outpatient treatment procedure. This treatment typically results in few complications, with minor discomfort being the most common. In most cases, patients may go home without restrictions.

Ethanol Ablation for Thyroglossal Duct Cysts (TGDC)

Dr. Andrade is proud to be one of the select few physicians worldwide to offer this outpatient procedure. His treatments consist of one to three sessions, with a success rate of approximately 80% annual volume reduction. After TGDC, patients return home without restrictions and only minor discomfort.

PEI Photo Before the Procedure

PEI Photo Before the Procedure.

PEI Photo 2 Months After Aspiration and PEI

PEI Photo 2 Months After Aspiration and PEI - 78% Reduction.