Choosing Radio Frequency Ablation in Miami, FL, Over Surgery

The general rule with treatment is to opt for the least invasive method. This is because you’ll heal faster, it costs less, and it is equally as effective. This is why many people who have developed thyroid nodules opt for radio-frequency ablation in Miami, FL, over surgery.

With radio-frequency ablation (RFA), patients undergo an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The goal is to reduce the size of non-cancerous nodules that cause discomfort, problems with swallowing, and self-consciousness about appearance.

Results One Month After RFA

Results One Month After RFA

The Doctor Performing the Procedure

Our doctor performing radio-frequency ablation is Dr. Agustin A. Andrade, MD, ECNU. He’s known as a pioneer in the field and one of only a handful who provides RFA treatment across the country. Instead of sending the patient to surgery, Dr. Andrade inserts an RF electrode into the nodule. A high-frequency current passes through the RF Electrode into the nodule, sending heat into the tumor to reduce its size.

This FDA-approved procedure in Miami is non-invasive and quick, causing little pain, and leaves the patient free to go home after about a half-hour of observation. And the cost is much less than the price for surgery.

Before selecting your Physician for treatment, make sure you know how many procedures the doctor has performed and years of experience in RFA.

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